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concrete overlays in a hotel lobby provide upscale and sophisticated look
Concrete overlays are not new to the industry. However, the products today are much more long-lasting and hardier than those offered in the past. GSPEC is a self-leveling product. Contractors use it to breathe new life into the lobby of this residential high-rise in downtown Los Angeles. It is as durable as terrazzo without the busy aggregate-look. Photo courtesy of Green Chemistry Innovations

A baker knows when there’s a disaster in the kitchen. However, sometimes a little bit of icing can go a long way toward redemption. Concrete contractors have a similar option with overlays and an unsightly slab: The overlaid section not only looks better, but the chemistry behind today’s concrete overlays often create a much more durable surface than what was already there.

However, that’s only one of the advantages these products offer. All of these advantages are bringing them to the forefront of a contractor’s bag of tricks.

Apply concrete overlays are a great way to turn old worn out concrete into a work of art.
Installing an overlay is an affordable alternative to tearing out old and worn concrete driveways, sidewalks and patios and replacing them.
Products for an imperfect world

In a perfect world, every client would love every job, and the durability of every installation could be measured in decades. The reality is something different.

Scott Kummer of Los Angeles-based Green Chemistry Innovations (GCI) says there are several different reasons for using overlays. One, of course, is for concrete in need of repair.

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